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Utilizing The Toss Coin Mechanic In Football To Your Advantage

In almost every game, there is always a way on how to determine which player or team will go first, have the ball first, or make the first move. Common ways to make that decision is either through a bout of rock-paper-scissors or through a coin toss. They let chance and total randomness dictates which side will necessarily start the game. So, how can you get the advantage in the game of football through this simple game mechanic?

How Does This Work

The coin toss mechanic is relatively simple and a bit self-explanatory. Before starting the game, team captains of both teams meet at the 50-yard line for this mechanic to take place. It is customary for the away team’s captain to call either heads or tails before the referee tosses the coin. If his prediction is correct, he can choose which team will start with the ball, which goalpost is the one they will go to defend, and what direction the teams go for a score.

How Can This Help Your Team

Always keep in mind that coin toss has a 50/50 chance of either ending up in heads or tails. It could be a sure help for you if you called in the correct outcome, for you can have an edge on your opponent with the options mentioned above. And if you think that your team is better at offensive than defending, then probably you will choose to have the ball first. If the other way around, then perhaps you will give the ball to the opponent, that is if you call it in the right. Having the decision to either have or provide the ball after winning the coin toss will impact your game strategy.


Coin toss, unlike qqturbo.com, relies on pure chance, while the latter has a lot of factors that can give you a hint on which team to bet on. Inevitably, coin toss becomes a staple mechanic for a lot of games, but if you know how to utilize it, you can use it to your advantage.