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Fire And Ice Dragon – How To Obtain Them?

In the game Dragon City, for you to be successful, you need to obtain dragons that can help you in all the challenged that you might encounter as you go along the game. One of the most powerful dragons in the game is the Ice and Fire Dragon. This type of dragon is a defined as a 2-element dragon in the game which is introduced on February 17, 2014, included in the new war updates and as part of the celebration of the breed able special dragons that need a minimum level requirement for breeding dragons.

According to the Dragon City Description, Ice and Fire Dragon is very difficult to capture because its life is a constant migration from the equator to the Antarctic to keep both sides satisfied. Some of the characteristics and features of this dragon include 2 element dragon, ice and flame elemental power.

With all of these advantages and power of Ice and Fire Dragon, a lot of players are asking how to breed this creature. Well, basically, you can breed this type of dragon using level 15 cool fire dragon and level 15 soccer dragon. The breeding duration of this dragon usually takes 32 hours.

Generally, players who wish to breed this dragon should bare in mind that it doesn’t matter which side you choose your dragon for breeding. Likewise, your dragon’s level also doesn’t matter. None of these elements can affect the process of breeding . It is all up to luck given you got the right combination. The truth is, you can get any types of dragon that do have these elements. You can also get dragon city free bonu but it doesn’t guarantee that it can provide you with the right and accurate result.