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Understanding It Support Services

Technology and IT support services

With recent advances in technology, we often hear companies implementing or availing IT support services to improve their business’ productivity and efficiency. There have been numerous news, articles and studies saying that implementing various IT support services provide various benefits that ultimately lead to better profitability and increased ROI.

Basic definition of IT services

But what are IT services exactly? IT stands for Information Technology, which basically pertains to all tasks and processes that are computer-based or related. It covers a broad range of fields and industries from telecommunications and system-wide company programs to hand held devices. IT services are basically a process of providing technical support and assistance with any technology-related concerns or problems.

Historically, the most common way of reaching IT support is through telephone. Advances in technology have made IT support access much easier. Nowadays, anyone can easily access IT support services through emails, interactive websites and even mobile apps.

Types of IT support services

There are basically 3 types IT services are being offered by various IT organizations – namely Block Hours, Time and Material, and Managed Services.

Block Hours are basically providing IT support to a company or business within a specified amount of time. This is usually used by businesses that would like discounted rates for IT support services, as there is a pre-arranged fee to paid to the IT company regardless of what the services and materials may be needed, so long as it falls within the agreed upon time frame.

Managed services, on the other hand, are being used by businesses who want specific IT-support tasks such as regular technician visit or on-call IT support for the business’s clients. The fee is then negotiated depending on what tasks both parties have agreed upon. Look at this site to understand more on Managed IT services.

Lastly, Time and Material-based IT support services are concerned more on delivery and results of service. A pre-arranged fee is usually agreed upon by both parties for the time the IT company will be able to address the problem.