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3 Swimming Schools For Your Kid’s Enjoyment And Learning

Swimming has a history in Singapore as one of the competitive sports that the country excels in. Singapore has frequently achieving medals and awards across many competitions. Some of those competitions include the Olympics, the Asian Games, as well as the Southeast Asian Games.

Here are some of the best swimming schools in Singapore that you can enroll your kid into so that they will get the many health benefits and physical improvements as well as the quality time that swimming provides.

  1. SwimJourney

SwimJourney is a great swimming school that provides swimming lessons to every condominium units as well as private houses over the country. SwimJourney taught my kid how to swim properly, and they will surely teach your kid greatly as well.

You can find more details at SwimJourney’s official website at https://swimjourney.sg.

  1. X Lab Pro

X Lab Pro is another unique swimming school in the sense that they offer referral bonuses to their students. If you made a successful referral, you will get a 10 percent discount for your next lessons for every person you bring to the school. X Lab has a lot of swimming lessons designed for every age so that anyone from a child to an adult can learn. They also have good facilities in which they conduct their lessons. They have an indoor Olympic sized swimming pool, gym, as well as a learner’s pool which features heating.

X Lab can be contacted at their email at swim@xlab.com.sg, or on their phone at

  1. Able Aquatic School

The history of this swimming school started in 1981 when it was founded by Darryl Chua. The school has grown today and features 400 coaches with certification conducting swimming lessons at a lot of places in Singapore.