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Is It Possible To Get Free Timeline Creator?

Timelines are useful tools in PowerPoint presentations which help to better understand events occurring across large duration of time. A timeline helps to arrange the events in a linear structure. It is particularly useful to explain students the sequence of events occurring over a period of time, and find utility mostly in history classes. Timelines are also useful for studying evolution, social, cultural and industrial, over different time periods, as well as for planning out events. If you are looking for a free online timeline maker no download, below is a list of 3 very useful time creators which you can use to make colorful, multimedia timelines.

  1. Sutori

This timeline maker is specifically designed for educational purposes. It helps create interactive timelines for online sharing. Some of its features include various multimedia timeline events aimed at educational purposes like text, multiple choice questions, forums, images , videos etc. A drag-and-drop slider helps move events across the timeline, and timelines can be used on other platforms without the Sutori brand tag. One can also save timelines as PDFs for future use.

  1. WhenInTime

The free timeline maker helps users build timelines for sharing on social media. One can import events from social media sites and include them in the timeline. There are various themes and templates to choose from, and the interface is simple and easy to navigate and use. One can also link their social media handles and events to this timeline maker for creating a continuous feed.

  1. TimeGlider

This is another viable option for a free timeline maker. It enables users to prepare timeline by adding graphics and blurbs. The timelines created with this tool are shareable via emails and social media. One can also add audio and video links from social media channels like YouTube and SoundCloud.