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Killing Weeds The Natural Way

No gardener or homeowner would like to see weeds in his garden. Weeds are unwanted and unnecessary organisms that always grow and scatter in most spaces and areas of your garden. If not taken properly, this type of plant can be a big problem to you. They take out the nutrients that your ornamental plants and flowers need to survive and become healthy. Additionally, weeds are not pleasant in the eye, they only bring awful appearance to your garden. Thus, it is always necessary to kill them. But of course, you don’t want to harm your plants in killing these weeds. That is why it is important to use natural methods. Here are some of the natural ways in killing weeds.


Salt is a good barrier to stop weeds from growing in your garden. You can simply apply this weed killer solution to the areas of your garden where weeds are prevalent. You need to apply it very carefully because salt can erode some concrete surfaces for a long period of time.


Just like salt, vinegar solution is also an effective weed killer. Just apply the vinegar directly to the spaces where weeds are located. It is proven to be an effective mix in killing weeds in a natural way.


Using organic matter such as newspapers, worn out cloths and curtain, old cardboards etc is also an effective mean to combat weeds. All you have to do is cover your soil with these organic matter and you’re all set up naturally.


Your garden has also some keen competition. Organisms such as plant and grass fight with each other In terms of getting the nutrients they need to survive. But in such competition, only the strongest usually survives. Hence, planting string ornamental plants can eradicate the growth of weeds in your garden.