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Playing Video Games Can Have These Health Benefits And Advantages

It has long been considered that playing video games and being healthy is quite contradictory. But recent scientific evidence suggest that gaming can actually develop mental and physical well-being. For one, there have been numerous studies that have proven gaming’s benefit in improving hand-eye coordination.

Recently, WHO declared video game addiction as a real, psychological disorder. In their webpage, it was discussed how and why gaming disorder is being classified as such. Despite all this, there’s no denying the numerous benefits one can get from playing video games, online or offline. It’s all boils down on how much time you spend with your video games.

To list a few, here are some of the health advantages of playing video games:

Video games can lead to better vision and hearing

Some games have this fast-paced gameplay that it trains your eyes to see objects and other things more sharply in a shorter span of time. Games like these require intense attention which then can lead to better focus in terms of seeing and hearing. Some gamers have even reported that they have felt improvements in their ability to discern different shades of various colors or even the slightest of sounds.

Video games are considered stress reliever for most games

For most people, they play video games to free themselves of the stress they’ve dealt with for the past day. This serves as their means to escape the harsh reality of life and immerse themselves in a stressful environment even for just a few hours. It has been long established that stress leads to may health problems, and alleviating stress is an important means to stay healthy.

Online video games promote social interactions

In most online video games, you can interact, cooperate, team-up or even compete with other players in the game. This opens up opportunities for gamers to interact with other players around the world, make friends and acquaintances and even possible learn a thing or two about their culture. This can lead to better mental state for most people and can definitely reflect in one’s physical health.