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3 Vegan Snacks You Can Always Pack With You

A lot of people think that vegan food can be very limited when in fact, it’s the most common food there is. You can find almost any vegan product in any grocery or convenience store. It also has very simple ingredients so you don’t have to think about a lot of details too.

Vegan food is plant based and does not use animal products. It’s also low in salt, sugar and other preservatives. If you’re looking for simple snacks to bring while you’re on vacation, on a road trip, hiking, and what not, below are a few examples on some vegan snacks you can always pack with you:


Nuts are a vegan’s best friend. It’s always used to top off smoothie bowls and salads but is a great snack by itself.

You can buy nuts such as walnuts and almonds anywhere. Be sure to read the contents on the label for the amount of salt used. Choose ones that are low in sodium content so it’s much healthier.

Dark Chocolate

We always have a sweet tooth in each one of us. But when you go vegan, you have to substitute your usual sweets with at least 65% dark chocolate. This can be found in every grocery store and can easily be packed in your bag to snack on any time you want.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a mixture of dried fruit, seeds, nuts and chocolate. It’s a good source of fiber and protein. Mixed with nuts, it adds healthy fat to your diet too.

There are many varieties of trail mix available in grocery stores but do read the label for any signs of high sugar content. When in doubt, you can also make your own, pack it in a reusable bag and bring it to work or hiking trips with you.

If this is your first time to try this kind of lifestyle, search up veganfoodandlife on the internet so you can read up on more tips on how vegan living works.